Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Atreej a! -- She's dancing, oh!

A prayer from A Book of Pagan Prayer. I made it into a song!

There were some small alterations made. The rhythm came out rather like "Prayer of White Buffalo Woman", I suppose!

Order of texts: Original English -- Sandic -- English of Sandic

On the rim of the world, she is dancing.
In her bright robe, she is dancing.
Young and lovely, she is dancing.
Dance, maiden, into the sky,
bringing the day to those who wait for you.


Pal griawa ba priia aww
atreej a
pa toga baahl sahei
atreej a
nabei wii wenai
atreej a
pa le:yarab mliika fuunsai
atreej a
ee mee-e kasahei
atreej a!


At the edge of our world
she's dancing, oh!
in a bright coat,
she's dancing, oh!
young and beautiful,
she's dancing, oh!
into the sky, that wise sun-person
she's dancing, oh!
as that illuminating sunrise
she is dancing!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kambaa fuun ba ale:tjas pa kiivdab baswiwi -- Story of the donkey that fell down the well

This was from a Facebook post someone shared, but I liked it so much that I translated it.  I can't find the original, so I backtranslated the Sandic into English.

Order of texts: Sandic -- Smooth English of Sandic


sriitnia ba ale:tjas felokania pa kiivdab baswiwi. wiikiasab kamai ba ale:tjas basoro meer jeearan osahl eerain, meer jeeguu ba feloka sab kassu fuun kiab okama.

a sem ba feloka kian kasmeja aan yudatab ba ale:tjas basneot le:leet noati wii aan ba kiivda pa ivi obaahl uskriani skra kaevab basneot le:leet siad.

ba pera aan jjems ba ale:tjasab basahl ma yudatab basham noati aan ma.

ta onjkabin ka ivin otiab kastamon aan  kiab ototiad.  laddabin osade wii ee op ba graojab pa ba kiivdab osladas.
 tree ba ale:tjas basfe fuun kiab eelsol osahl kamain wii majir basoro. a matemaa ba orob bassem. gre ladasnia siadii pa ba kiivdab kasraug ba feloka.

usmantemaai kasahl gre ba raug!
gre aan ba usladasi ba golab ba basres, ba ale:tjas biab dee gol ba baskeeti wii o biab basiir!

meer aan ta onjkan iat osladas jeed iat basma ba ale:tjas- o biab batiir!

gre keei, umanteemaain osahl ta ivin skra ba ale:tjas klee griawab ba kiivdab basiir wii le:ai ian fov bastreej.

sada ba kambaa:
o piab ba jjew dabin oteahl eerain otiab bateladas, a eerainra! aan piab niasa dee ba kiivda, ta lenadan ivin oahl zintmadan!


Once upon a time, a farmer's donkey fell down a well.  It cried pitifully for many hours, while the farmer tried to figure out what he ought to do.

But finally the farmer decided that the donkey was not worth it and that the well ought to be covered up anyway because it no longer had any water.

The great effort to save the donkey was simply not worth doing.

He invited all of his neighbors to come help him.  They took shovels and started shoveling dirt into the hole with them.
At first when the donkey realized what was going on, it cried pitifully. But surprisingly the crying stopped.  After some more shoveling, the farmer looked into the well.

He was surprised by what he saw!
Once the dirt hit its back, the donkey would shake it off and step up onto it!

As the neighbors kept shoveling, the donkey kept doing that thing- it stepped up onto it!

After a short while, they were all very surprised when the donkey along the edge of the well and then happily danced away.

Moral of the story:
Life will shovel many things onto you, so many! To save yourself from the well, every trouble is a stair!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Feeling guilty about not updating, so...

So, here you go.  I'm editing antho stories (slowly but surely due to my laptop dying) and haven't had much of anything new (thank god) to add here.

It'll probably be a while before I'm done with it, but that's okay.  I'm going to try and get a sound file of all of the stories, too, so they can be preserved!

Here is a fragment of the story "King of the Crows".

Order of texts: Sandic -- Smooth English of Sandic


Ba driazee assa aan auniab basmii ba thiiaa, skra thiian duusniatin oneot jae, wii le:ivageen lenain oneot viata.

“Usuuldi-i yahl aan ian yeheen otediijj. Fuun mekaa le:ee ysa, le:ee ba driazee. Keemania ian ba yeheen okadiijj, aan mee-e hatemab ka. Gado aan jeed keemania katema gre kala yteahl usuuldi-i.”

Ba driazee hatemi asahl, wii ian ba thiia asmii aan biab atetiadra.

“Tsum pa kasla biab ole:eegre, le:ee ba driazee. Meer katee le:ee, le:ian batefeed. Fii aan le:eewiis aan biab miarsee, ole:eeneot feed ian naat ba jam pa ba le:eetekatee, uu gre kala eteahl usuuldi-i.”


The daughter knew that the bird had spoken the truth, because normal birds do not speak, and evil spirits do not ask favors.

"I am cursed that I must fight against a monster.  I know your mind, O daughter.  Someone must fight against the monster and show his fearlessness.  Unless someone will do this thing, I will be cursed for eternity."

The daughter was (indeed) fearless, and she told the bird that she surely would help it.

"Wait for it here in the castle, O daughter.  While you are sleeping, it will come to you.  If you wish to conquer it, you should not leave from the room in which you will be sleeping, otherwise I will be cursed for eternity."

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Four words for our desire - Rumi

Four words for our desire 

A man gave a coin to four people so that they might buy something with it.

The persian said, “I will purchase an angur.”

The arab said, “No, we will get an inab, you bother.”

The turk said, “No, an uzum!”

The greek said, “Shut up, all of you. We will get an istafil.”

Behold, they began to fight amongst themselves, and to punch one another, and this looked to go on without ending.

If a person had been there who knew many languages, he could have calmed them, and said, “But I will sell you the bunch of grapes you are looking for, for the value of that coin. 

 Trust me. 

Be calm, and you who are enemies to one another will agree with each other. 

And I know a secret meaning, which makes those four words of yours into one wine.”

Sunday, March 30, 2014

kant ian ba jwia keesoi

A song from my childhood.

Order of Texts: English -- Sandic


Honored maiden huntress
new moon come to us

silver shining wheel of
mother come to us

honored queen of wisdom
old one come to us

Record and upload voice >>
le:ee deyai ba jjaseka
le:ee neores,
le:ee nabei ole:eemee-e

le:ee hamar isi ba
le:ee alkuuka
le:ee ba ama, ole:eemee-e

le:ee ere ba fuunsa
le:ee hiakatee
le:ee ba male:lka ole:eemee-e

Friday, March 28, 2014

Ba dalkai

I actually sat down the other night and traced out Sandic letters into Gimp and made a transparency of them.  I can write in Sandic itself now, with a little bit of effort on my part!  It makes me happy beyond belief.

I'm having to adapt the the more rigid character of the "print" characters after having only seem handwriting for the last ten years. :p

Still, when I printed something in it yesterday, I couldn't contain my excitement.  I ended up dancing in place and then immediately running out to stick it on my car.  Bahaha.

Anyway, below is "The creative adult is the child that survived." ("Ba dalkai ohii ka baahl iat aan ma ba gezo kaahl, iat bajjew.")

Sunday, March 23, 2014

wwee bal aan fele: miialabin ytesu, How can I find words

Hey guys.  I translated a new prayer, which can be seen below. 

Also, I've decided that I'll put the voice blogs over into my dedicated personal sandic-language blog so that they won't flood the aggregator. I added a link to it on the side bar, too, under "miscellany". -------->

This prayer is from Ceiswr Serith, from his book "A Book of Pagan Prayer".

Order of Texts: Sandic -- English of Sandic 


wwee bal aan fele: miialabin ytesu,
fuun ba made le:ee hiakt otemee-e?
keei yahlra tjura aan pe.
a tjuin oahl ta siadin le:ia jeeb ba ma me,
taramin osahl noatale: aan ma jeeb,
aan mii le:ian eya ee ba wwee op nabei aan jae?
fii aan fele: arab miialan ytesuignia,
fuun ba yeekee bamii-ig hiakt,
uu fuun le:agan lee thiia, 
uu brasab faee ta le:yusan,
le:ai esahlig gre ba semra.
a jeeguu ta uuldin le:ee oahlso erinin aan ta petan me
ta keeinra
ta gator noat otema,
aan fele: ymeeaa nu aan paro,
aan mahae,
aan fuun le:ee ialthab keei ototonaha.


How can I find words
which will show the reality of You?
I am too small to try.
But how many are those who, before this attempt of mine,
were audacious enough to speak honor to you in their new way of speech?
If I could find a group of words 
to speak perfectly of the sunset,
or of the wings of a bird,
or a sound for the clouds,
I would be happy until the end.
But these miracles of Yours are so great that my attempts
these very small ones
which can never say enough,
that I can only dream,
that they reflect a small portion of You.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tale:l ba ~sira -- The transformation of Sira

Micamo shared a story and I translated it. :)

also, blogdab esma meer ba nosr sokai- jeeguu siad yneot deeva aan pa "post"abin ytepuutuu nabei faee ivin, a ta blogdabin balnia aan pa "page"-ab ytepuutuu faee op masa aan fele: eera dabin pa ba aggregatorab oteneot puutuu tjura....

anyway, new blog thing too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3i0Z2zHHTQ

Order of texts: English -- Sandic


Ekay saw Sira turn from an owl into a human (one of her magical powers). He said to her "How do you do this?" And she said "I just look at the north wind and hear the snow fall, and then I'm an owl. Then I bark at the sun and I'm human again." He replied "That is jibberish! It means nothing!"
 She said "If you described the northern lights to a man who had been born blind, he would regard them as nonsense: The shifting patterns of color would have no meaning to him. Perhaps you merely suffer from blindness of a different sort."


Ba ~eekii kasraug aan ba ~sira atiab dee githii tu keemaa astale:l.  Atian kasmii, "Wwee bal aan jeed le:eema?
Wii rial asmiira, "Ian ba le:yus ba rej yraug, wii yumab ba jeejee biab ybra, wii gre jeed fele: iab tu githii ytale:l!  gre jeed fele: ian ba mlii ylo, wii ejj keemai ymee-e."
Rial ejj kasmii ba eekii, "a jeed gob baneot le:leet ra!  Daniab baneot mii ba umii-i!"
A asmii ba ~sira, "A fii aan ian gisinia fuun ta yeeaan pa le:yar pal rej oahl ushaesin, faee ka jeed baahlignia wii gob kahami.  Ta tale:lan ta rale:en jeeguu ta yeeaan faee mii ka daniab oneot mii inee.  Balnia aan pian gisak juti baahl usmai."

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Voice blog 21 Mar 2014

Just talking about my day.  I may make this a daily blog.

Blogdab ymaale: ejj nabei. Ymahaera aan ta ba aggregator biab omer fian otoneot ahl eenguuin. balnia aan meer monan ivin jeed ytemania, aan fuun ta okan meer jjew me otesa :)

Jaeb me batiadra jeeb ba ma me aan iab haeta meer jae, skra ba jaeb biab ybra ujaei wii fuun ivi pa ba sandi fele: otejaera.  inee aan miialab faee "atm" wii "cash register" otiab esma skra jeeb ba blogda meer ba otiab eshamale: :p

The adult who creates..

Ba dalkai, ohiib kale:leet iat aan ma, ba gezo kaahl, iat bajjewra.

"The grown.up.adj, habit.acc he.has still "to" make, the child he.is, yet it.lives.EMPH"

 The adult who creates is the child that survived.

Related, I suppose:

For Ostara, I've finally sat down and translated the names of the sabbats. Here's the wheel of the year (thanks wikipedia for the image).

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sandic Voice Blog, 19 Mar 2014 / Blog pa ba sandi baahl ujaei, 19 mar 2014

Fele: ejj blogab esma pa ba sandi meer ba fele: fuun ta dan meer mon me otoka yjaeale: xD Made another voice blog in Sandic during which I babble on about the stuff that happened during my day xD

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In the Forest -- Pa Erinjee

 Found a poem on a piece of paper that I'd been going to toss.  I'm not sure when this was written, exactly, but it would have had to have been last year during the summer or fall.

Order of texts: Sandic -- English of Sandic


Pa erinjee

mabin jwr otiab essu
keein osahlra
wwak pa le:yar biab basmee-e
guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunga wwak
inee aan katemi aan ahl uskiifi
rial fiasab me esfeed
pa safpa ta rerdan eerainra
gre sriitnia fian asfeed ba aneta
fian asbas-
“bal meer ba tem ta rerdabin pee otiab peessore?”
“ras,” esmii,
wii atiab eskre.


in the forest 

I found the doings of god-

they were small,

and will be understood.

there in the sky, it appeared


thuuuuuuuuuunder was up there

behold, fearing that I was going to be wet by it

I walked my path back over again.

inside the house of many many problems,

after some time Anita came to me.

she asked-

“while you were afraid, did you forget your troubles? “

“yes,”I said,

and hugged her.

Blog ujaei pa ba sandi -- Spoken Sandic blog

I'm thinking of starting a voice blog in Sandic. Sat down today and just babbled about my week and all that's happened.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lee Kuuithii salmanab erinira bateega! -- Raven catches a really big salmon!

I know, three in a day.  I'm sorry.  I promise I won't do it again D;

I'm just not wanting to lose this one, and I know how I am about not posting things if I don't do it immediately.

Anyway, this is another of the stories that Micamo shared with me.  This one is apparently from the Eyak, recorded in Krauss in 1962.  Thanks, Micamo!

Texts: Sandic -- English of Sandic


I made a video of it. :)
Le:ia sriitnia basahlra erini, lee Kuuithii pal jond mansabin otiab basjten.  Gre sriitnia, pa neeb ba, pa ba meadab pa ba lee Kuuithii ta masnabin basjten basfeed salman erinira, wii bian bajin masa lee Kuuithii aan jeeb ba jjiasab bawiisra aan dam.  Klee ba jolab basfeed meer kee aan ade jeedab erini, wii ian ba salman erinira basfeed ejj.
Bian basmii, “Ee, inee aan jeeb ba ratsalale: le:ian bamii, “Kiluub eriniale: peele:leet, le:ee ba tokuu eriniale:ira!”  Ba salman erinira basahl eenguui.  Iat basmii lee Kuuithii.  “Inee aan wii bamii, “le:ee ba diapoiale:, kiluu eriniale: gre kala, vurab peele:leet matalaoiale:!” Ba salman erinira basahlra eenguui, wii o ba jondab basle aan diijj ian ba ratsal nastuui.  Lee Kuuithii ba salmanab ee jeeda ba erini basves o kiluub, wii biab bastu.
Biab basanauz aan dam, wii helab basma aan biab red.  Biab o jeedab keei baspuutuu, wii biab basrep aan red.  A bian basmii masa lee Kuuithii, “A ber me obadamra jeed ba ratsalale: jeemai, iadkai baahl wii mataeni!”  Bian masa dabin jeedsoin basmii ejj wii ejj, gre aan sem ian ba jeeda erinira basfeed ejj lee Kuuithii, wii biab basmanfas ian mead ba.
Meer aan sem ba jjias basal auzo usredi, lee Kuuithii biab baseek aan pal fov ba hel biab obafeelnia kee.
A ba jeeda erinira basovo, wii ba jjiasab baseega, wii ian fov natul basfasra!

Miialabin basham iat lee Kuuithii!


A long time ago, Raven was opening mussels on the shore.  After a little while, a really big salmon came near him, and Raven thought to himself that he wanted to eat it.  He went along the shore a ways and got a big stick, and then he went back to the really big salmon.
He said to it, “Hey, that friggen stump is saying to you, “You have a huge head, o gigantic nose!”  The salmon was angry.  Raven kept talking.  “Look, it's also saying, “O you over-wide, incredibly huge head, sickening-smelling one!”  The really big salmon was very angry, and it jumped up on the shore to fight the rude stump.  Raven took its big stick and hit the Salmon on the head with it, and killed it.
He prepared it for eating, and made a fire to cook it with.  He put it on a little stick, and he started to cook it.  But he thought to himself, “That stupid helpful darn stump that is so funny ought to get to eat with me!”  And Raven went to the really big stick, and started rolling it back to where he had been.
When the fish was finally done cooking he took it from the fire so it could cool itself down a bit.  But that really big stick stood up and took the fish up, and then quickly rolled away!

Even Raven was speechless!

Rana and her sister Sira

Micamo posted a short story in ##conlang-share tonight, and I translated it. I like it! What do you think- is Rana maybe fire?

Order of Texts: Orig. English -- Sandic


Rana and her younger sister, Sir'a, were sitting around a fire. Rana said to her sister "Dreamers do not know that they dream. Could I be dreaming right now, and not know it?" Sir'a replied "The fire doesn't know whether it is a fire, or if it is you. Does that mean you could be the fire?"


Rana wii ba kolnuu ae asahl nabei siad, bee-enuu ae baahl sira, pal nee helnia oskep. Rana ian kolnuu ae asmii, "Ta oparo oneot sa aan oparo. Bal aan fele: balnia aan gre jeeb ba tedia yparo, wii fuun ma me yneot sa?" Atian rial asmii ba sira, "Ba hel baneot sa fuun fii aan hel batara, uu fii aan peehaa batara. Bal jeed bamii aan balnia aan peehaa jeeb ba hel peetara?"

Our little tree has been trimmed! But don't worry, it's for its own good. :)

Hi there!

 I was troubled when I kept noticing that, clicking through the texts list that used to be on the right-hand side, a lot of texts that were available were horribly out of date. Anyone clicking through to them wasn't getting accurate information, and I felt guilty.

...Plus it was pretty cringe-inducing, looking back at texts that appeared to have been written by a child. :p

I've updated everything that used to be on that blog, and you can get to it here.

It's completely in haes leezei, just like the dictionary, which will make trying to look words up much easier.

 If you are looking for the old blog itself for some reason, you can find it (completely intact) over here.

 No worries, this blog will continue much as it always have! It just underwent a bit of pruning to enable new growth!. :D