Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Atreej a! -- She's dancing, oh!

A prayer from A Book of Pagan Prayer. I made it into a song!

There were some small alterations made. The rhythm came out rather like "Prayer of White Buffalo Woman", I suppose!

Order of texts: Original English -- Sandic -- English of Sandic

On the rim of the world, she is dancing.
In her bright robe, she is dancing.
Young and lovely, she is dancing.
Dance, maiden, into the sky,
bringing the day to those who wait for you.


Pal griawa ba priia aww
atreej a
pa toga baahl sahei
atreej a
nabei wii wenai
atreej a
pa le:yarab mliika fuunsai
atreej a
ee mee-e kasahei
atreej a!


At the edge of our world
she's dancing, oh!
in a bright coat,
she's dancing, oh!
young and beautiful,
she's dancing, oh!
into the sky, that wise sun-person
she's dancing, oh!
as that illuminating sunrise
she is dancing!

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