Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tale:l ba ~sira -- The transformation of Sira

Micamo shared a story and I translated it. :)

also, blogdab esma meer ba nosr sokai- jeeguu siad yneot deeva aan pa "post"abin ytepuutuu nabei faee ivin, a ta blogdabin balnia aan pa "page"-ab ytepuutuu faee op masa aan fele: eera dabin pa ba aggregatorab oteneot puutuu tjura....

anyway, new blog thing too:

Order of texts: English -- Sandic


Ekay saw Sira turn from an owl into a human (one of her magical powers). He said to her "How do you do this?" And she said "I just look at the north wind and hear the snow fall, and then I'm an owl. Then I bark at the sun and I'm human again." He replied "That is jibberish! It means nothing!"
 She said "If you described the northern lights to a man who had been born blind, he would regard them as nonsense: The shifting patterns of color would have no meaning to him. Perhaps you merely suffer from blindness of a different sort."


Ba ~eekii kasraug aan ba ~sira atiab dee githii tu keemaa astale:l.  Atian kasmii, "Wwee bal aan jeed le:eema?
Wii rial asmiira, "Ian ba le:yus ba rej yraug, wii yumab ba jeejee biab ybra, wii gre jeed fele: iab tu githii ytale:l!  gre jeed fele: ian ba mlii ylo, wii ejj keemai ymee-e."
Rial ejj kasmii ba eekii, "a jeed gob baneot le:leet ra!  Daniab baneot mii ba umii-i!"
A asmii ba ~sira, "A fii aan ian gisinia fuun ta yeeaan pa le:yar pal rej oahl ushaesin, faee ka jeed baahlignia wii gob kahami.  Ta tale:lan ta rale:en jeeguu ta yeeaan faee mii ka daniab oneot mii inee.  Balnia aan pian gisak juti baahl usmai."

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