Saturday, March 15, 2014

Rana and her sister Sira

Micamo posted a short story in ##conlang-share tonight, and I translated it. I like it! What do you think- is Rana maybe fire?

Order of Texts: Orig. English -- Sandic


Rana and her younger sister, Sir'a, were sitting around a fire. Rana said to her sister "Dreamers do not know that they dream. Could I be dreaming right now, and not know it?" Sir'a replied "The fire doesn't know whether it is a fire, or if it is you. Does that mean you could be the fire?"


Rana wii ba kolnuu ae asahl nabei siad, bee-enuu ae baahl sira, pal nee helnia oskep. Rana ian kolnuu ae asmii, "Ta oparo oneot sa aan oparo. Bal aan fele: balnia aan gre jeeb ba tedia yparo, wii fuun ma me yneot sa?" Atian rial asmii ba sira, "Ba hel baneot sa fuun fii aan hel batara, uu fii aan peehaa batara. Bal jeed bamii aan balnia aan peehaa jeeb ba hel peetara?"

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