Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kambaa fuun ba ale:tjas pa kiivdab baswiwi -- Story of the donkey that fell down the well

This was from a Facebook post someone shared, but I liked it so much that I translated it.  I can't find the original, so I backtranslated the Sandic into English.

Order of texts: Sandic -- Smooth English of Sandic


sriitnia ba ale:tjas felokania pa kiivdab baswiwi. wiikiasab kamai ba ale:tjas basoro meer jeearan osahl eerain, meer jeeguu ba feloka sab kassu fuun kiab okama.

a sem ba feloka kian kasmeja aan yudatab ba ale:tjas basneot le:leet noati wii aan ba kiivda pa ivi obaahl uskriani skra kaevab basneot le:leet siad.

ba pera aan jjems ba ale:tjasab basahl ma yudatab basham noati aan ma.

ta onjkabin ka ivin otiab kastamon aan  kiab ototiad.  laddabin osade wii ee op ba graojab pa ba kiivdab osladas.
 tree ba ale:tjas basfe fuun kiab eelsol osahl kamain wii majir basoro. a matemaa ba orob bassem. gre ladasnia siadii pa ba kiivdab kasraug ba feloka.

usmantemaai kasahl gre ba raug!
gre aan ba usladasi ba golab ba basres, ba ale:tjas biab dee gol ba baskeeti wii o biab basiir!

meer aan ta onjkan iat osladas jeed iat basma ba ale:tjas- o biab batiir!

gre keei, umanteemaain osahl ta ivin skra ba ale:tjas klee griawab ba kiivdab basiir wii le:ai ian fov bastreej.

sada ba kambaa:
o piab ba jjew dabin oteahl eerain otiab bateladas, a eerainra! aan piab niasa dee ba kiivda, ta lenadan ivin oahl zintmadan!


Once upon a time, a farmer's donkey fell down a well.  It cried pitifully for many hours, while the farmer tried to figure out what he ought to do.

But finally the farmer decided that the donkey was not worth it and that the well ought to be covered up anyway because it no longer had any water.

The great effort to save the donkey was simply not worth doing.

He invited all of his neighbors to come help him.  They took shovels and started shoveling dirt into the hole with them.
At first when the donkey realized what was going on, it cried pitifully. But surprisingly the crying stopped.  After some more shoveling, the farmer looked into the well.

He was surprised by what he saw!
Once the dirt hit its back, the donkey would shake it off and step up onto it!

As the neighbors kept shoveling, the donkey kept doing that thing- it stepped up onto it!

After a short while, they were all very surprised when the donkey along the edge of the well and then happily danced away.

Moral of the story:
Life will shovel many things onto you, so many! To save yourself from the well, every trouble is a stair!