Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lee Kuuithii salmanab erinira bateega! -- Raven catches a really big salmon!

I know, three in a day.  I'm sorry.  I promise I won't do it again D;

I'm just not wanting to lose this one, and I know how I am about not posting things if I don't do it immediately.

Anyway, this is another of the stories that Micamo shared with me.  This one is apparently from the Eyak, recorded in Krauss in 1962.  Thanks, Micamo!

Texts: Sandic -- English of Sandic


I made a video of it. :)
Le:ia sriitnia basahlra erini, lee Kuuithii pal jond mansabin otiab basjten.  Gre sriitnia, pa neeb ba, pa ba meadab pa ba lee Kuuithii ta masnabin basjten basfeed salman erinira, wii bian bajin masa lee Kuuithii aan jeeb ba jjiasab bawiisra aan dam.  Klee ba jolab basfeed meer kee aan ade jeedab erini, wii ian ba salman erinira basfeed ejj.
Bian basmii, “Ee, inee aan jeeb ba ratsalale: le:ian bamii, “Kiluub eriniale: peele:leet, le:ee ba tokuu eriniale:ira!”  Ba salman erinira basahl eenguui.  Iat basmii lee Kuuithii.  “Inee aan wii bamii, “le:ee ba diapoiale:, kiluu eriniale: gre kala, vurab peele:leet matalaoiale:!” Ba salman erinira basahlra eenguui, wii o ba jondab basle aan diijj ian ba ratsal nastuui.  Lee Kuuithii ba salmanab ee jeeda ba erini basves o kiluub, wii biab bastu.
Biab basanauz aan dam, wii helab basma aan biab red.  Biab o jeedab keei baspuutuu, wii biab basrep aan red.  A bian basmii masa lee Kuuithii, “A ber me obadamra jeed ba ratsalale: jeemai, iadkai baahl wii mataeni!”  Bian masa dabin jeedsoin basmii ejj wii ejj, gre aan sem ian ba jeeda erinira basfeed ejj lee Kuuithii, wii biab basmanfas ian mead ba.
Meer aan sem ba jjias basal auzo usredi, lee Kuuithii biab baseek aan pal fov ba hel biab obafeelnia kee.
A ba jeeda erinira basovo, wii ba jjiasab baseega, wii ian fov natul basfasra!

Miialabin basham iat lee Kuuithii!


A long time ago, Raven was opening mussels on the shore.  After a little while, a really big salmon came near him, and Raven thought to himself that he wanted to eat it.  He went along the shore a ways and got a big stick, and then he went back to the really big salmon.
He said to it, “Hey, that friggen stump is saying to you, “You have a huge head, o gigantic nose!”  The salmon was angry.  Raven kept talking.  “Look, it's also saying, “O you over-wide, incredibly huge head, sickening-smelling one!”  The really big salmon was very angry, and it jumped up on the shore to fight the rude stump.  Raven took its big stick and hit the Salmon on the head with it, and killed it.
He prepared it for eating, and made a fire to cook it with.  He put it on a little stick, and he started to cook it.  But he thought to himself, “That stupid helpful darn stump that is so funny ought to get to eat with me!”  And Raven went to the really big stick, and started rolling it back to where he had been.
When the fish was finally done cooking he took it from the fire so it could cool itself down a bit.  But that really big stick stood up and took the fish up, and then quickly rolled away!

Even Raven was speechless!


  1. I should point out that this isn't my story: It's an Eyak story (recorded in Krauss 1962) that I relayed in the chat because I thought it was cute.