Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Four words for our desire - Rumi

Four words for our desire 

A man gave a coin to four people so that they might buy something with it.

The persian said, “I will purchase an angur.”

The arab said, “No, we will get an inab, you bother.”

The turk said, “No, an uzum!”

The greek said, “Shut up, all of you. We will get an istafil.”

Behold, they began to fight amongst themselves, and to punch one another, and this looked to go on without ending.

If a person had been there who knew many languages, he could have calmed them, and said, “But I will sell you the bunch of grapes you are looking for, for the value of that coin. 

 Trust me. 

Be calm, and you who are enemies to one another will agree with each other. 

And I know a secret meaning, which makes those four words of yours into one wine.”

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