Saturday, March 15, 2014

Our little tree has been trimmed! But don't worry, it's for its own good. :)

Hi there!

 I was troubled when I kept noticing that, clicking through the texts list that used to be on the right-hand side, a lot of texts that were available were horribly out of date. Anyone clicking through to them wasn't getting accurate information, and I felt guilty.

...Plus it was pretty cringe-inducing, looking back at texts that appeared to have been written by a child. :p

I've updated everything that used to be on that blog, and you can get to it here.

It's completely in haes leezei, just like the dictionary, which will make trying to look words up much easier.

 If you are looking for the old blog itself for some reason, you can find it (completely intact) over here.

 No worries, this blog will continue much as it always have! It just underwent a bit of pruning to enable new growth!. :D

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