Sunday, March 23, 2014

wwee bal aan fele: miialabin ytesu, How can I find words

Hey guys.  I translated a new prayer, which can be seen below. 

Also, I've decided that I'll put the voice blogs over into my dedicated personal sandic-language blog so that they won't flood the aggregator. I added a link to it on the side bar, too, under "miscellany". -------->

This prayer is from Ceiswr Serith, from his book "A Book of Pagan Prayer".

Order of Texts: Sandic -- English of Sandic 


wwee bal aan fele: miialabin ytesu,
fuun ba made le:ee hiakt otemee-e?
keei yahlra tjura aan pe.
a tjuin oahl ta siadin le:ia jeeb ba ma me,
taramin osahl noatale: aan ma jeeb,
aan mii le:ian eya ee ba wwee op nabei aan jae?
fii aan fele: arab miialan ytesuignia,
fuun ba yeekee bamii-ig hiakt,
uu fuun le:agan lee thiia, 
uu brasab faee ta le:yusan,
le:ai esahlig gre ba semra.
a jeeguu ta uuldin le:ee oahlso erinin aan ta petan me
ta keeinra
ta gator noat otema,
aan fele: ymeeaa nu aan paro,
aan mahae,
aan fuun le:ee ialthab keei ototonaha.


How can I find words
which will show the reality of You?
I am too small to try.
But how many are those who, before this attempt of mine,
were audacious enough to speak honor to you in their new way of speech?
If I could find a group of words 
to speak perfectly of the sunset,
or of the wings of a bird,
or a sound for the clouds,
I would be happy until the end.
But these miracles of Yours are so great that my attempts
these very small ones
which can never say enough,
that I can only dream,
that they reflect a small portion of You.

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